Thank you for your interest in helping the Humane Society of Montgomery County!

For student organizations/classes wishing to schedule group events, please go to our group volunteer page.

Want to help the HSMC?

Organize a supply drive and collect supplies for the shelter is a great way to help! We are a private non profit organization- We do not receive any city, county, state, or federal dollars. We are solely funded with donations and fundraising. We are not affiliated with or funded by any local or national organization. We are always in need of cat and dog food, cat litter, bleach, etc.  We can help with advertising your drive and also supply a current shopping list for you to hand out.   Send an email to for more information!

Volunteering at the HSMC Shelter

Visit the shelter and spend some play time with the animals! We depend on our volunteers to keep our animals happy until they find their new homes. While volunteering at the shelter you can walk dogs or pet cats. (We have a small paid staff to take care of the cleaning and feeding.)                                                       Please check the volunteer FAQ for more information!

We require all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Application and Liability Waiver (available at the shelter) before being allowed to play with the animals.




Please email if you have any questions!