As we all continue to deal with COVID-19, there is something we need your help with.  For several months, we have been operating a pet food pantry for community members who may need some help with feeding their pets.  We don't ask questions or make folks fill out forms, we just provide pet food on the honor system.
Right now, our supplies are low and we could use your support.  Your donation of canned or dry dog and cat food will help in this effort and will reduce the amount we will need to purchase.  If you want to make a donation, please give us a call (382-1166) before visiting so we know you are coming.  PLEASE DON'T DROP OFF FOOD WHEN THE SHELTER IS NOT OPEN!

All of the community animals needing support say "Thank You!" for helping them. 


Tickets are available at the shelter give us a call 540-382-1166 if you would like to pick some up or we can mail them to you!